FAQ: Uploading LRs

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    I want to upload descriptions of resources without using the META-SHARE application interface. Is there a way to do this?


    Yes, the META-SHARE application offers you the option to not use the editor: after logging in to the application, please go to Manage Resources > Upload new resource description(s). 

    You can upload a single resource description in XML format, or many resource descriptions in a ZIP file containing XML files. Please make sure the XML files are schema-valid before proceeding.

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    How do I upload my resource?


    Provided you have completed the metadata description of your resource, you can proceed to uploading the resource itself.

    • To upload the resource itself, click on button Upload resource and follow the instructions on the screen.

    • Click the box about the terms for uploading: "By clicking this checkbox, you confirm that you have cleared permissions for the file you intend to upload".

    • After having uploaded your resource successfully, select Manage your own resources.

    • In order for the resource to be publicly visible in the repository, it should be ingested. To do this, select your resource to be ingested by clicking in the box to its left and then from Action select Ingest selected internal resources and press the Go button.

    • Publication status should now be Ingested.

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    Do I have to sign any document before I upload my resources to the META-SHARE tool?


    You have to sign the Depositor's Agreement, where you state that you have cleared all IPR issues on the metadata and the data, that you licence the metadata under a Creative Commons Attribution International (CC-BY) version 4.0 or higher, or the EU Open Metadata Licence, and that you have not infringed any law by uploading the resources.

    For more details, see the Depositor's Agreement.