Bridging META-SHARE and CMDI

Jul 24, 2013 at 11:53

Dear META-NET partners

we are happy to announce that we have uploaded the full META-SHARE metadata schema v3.0 in the CLARIN Component Registry - with minor changes due to technical incompatibilities. (For a full description of the differences, you can see the documentation accompanying the converters.)

To convert your XML files from and to the two editions of the schema, you can use the XSL converters provided here:

Following the conversion, you are advised to validate your XML files against the relevant XSD's because some technical issues cannot be resolved.


CMDI-MetaShare profiles (from which you can generate the respective XSD's:

Any problems encountered should be reported to the community support forum or to the helpdesks.

 Download for the converters:

Documentation for the differences between the two converters:

Community Support Forum for technical, metadata & legal Q&A:



Best regards,

Penny Labropoulou

For the META-SHARE technical and metadata team

Tags: CMDI, metadata schema, metadata exchange