META-SHARE entities

META-SHARE takes a global view on resources, aiming to provide users not only with a catalogue of LRs (data and tools) but also with information that can be used to enhance their exploitation. For instance, research papers that document the production of a resource as well as standards used and guidelines followed are informative for LR users and advisory for prospective LR producers.

In the proposed META-SHARE model, a distinction is made between LR per se and all other related entities, such as reference documents related to the resource (papers, reports, manuals etc.), persons / organizations involved in their creation and use (creators, distributors etc.), related projects and activities (funding projects, activities of usage etc.) and licenses (for the distribution of the LRs).

Thus, the META-SHARE model recognizes the following distinct entities:

  • the resource itself, i.e. the LR being described, encompassing datasets and technologies,
  • the actor, further distinguished into person and organization
  • the project,
  • the document and
  • the licence.

From these, however, the main interest of META-SHARE lies in resources, which form the main entity to be described; actors, projects, documents etc. are described when the case arises, i.e. when they are linked to a specific resource. Therefore, it is not expected from META-SHARE, for instance, to provide a bibliographical list of all documents that are relevant to the HLT domain but only those documents that are related to specific resources (e.g. articles describing the creation and/or use of a resource, documentation manuals, annotation guidelines etc.).


Detailed presentation of the model

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