META-SHARE is an open, secure, sharing and exchange network of repositories of language data, tools and related web services.

It is devoted to the sustainable sharing and dissemination of Language Resources (LRs) for the Human Language Technologies domain and other domains where language plays a critical role.

META-SHARE is implemented in the framework of the META-NET Network of Excellence, and is designed as a network of distributed repositories of LRs.

What does META-SHARE do?

META-SHARE provides an infrastructure that:

  • makes available quality LRs and related metadata over the META-SHARE network;
  • ensures that such LRs and metadata are properly preserved and maintained;
  • makes a set of services available to all META-SHARE members and users;
  • promotes the use of widely acceptable standards for language resource building which ensures the maximum possible interoperability of LRs;
  • allows associated third parties to easily index their LRs over the META-SHARE network;
  • allows any potential user of the LRs to easily and legally acquire the requested high quality LRs.

What types of resources does META-SHARE make available?

The resources and technologies of META-SHARE, include:

  • language data, such as written and spoken corpora,

  • language-related data, including and/or associated to other media and modalities where written and spoken natural language plays an important role,

  • language processing and annotation tools and technologies,

  • services through the use of language processing tools and technologies,

  • evaluation tools, metrics and protocols, services addressing assessment and evaluation,

  • service workflows by combining and orchestrating interoperable services.