Bibliography of Bulgarian Lexicology, Phraseology and Lexicography




The database of Bibliography of Bulgarian Lexicology, Phraseology and Lexicography contains bibliographic units for publications in Bulgarian lexicography, phraseology and lexicography that have been published since 1950. The publications are found in Bulgarian and foreign periodicals, linguistic volumes and series, electronic bibliographic databases and catalogues, etc.
The database contains about 6,600 bibliographic records (over 200 monographs, 29 volumes, 32 textbooks, 1,968 articles and studies in different collections, 3,007 articles in periodicals, 186 dissertations, 202 reviews of scientific papers, 261 reviews of dictionaries, etc.). The database includes publications in Bulgarian, Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Serbian, Romanian, German, French, English, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.
Each bibliographic unit is accompanied by keywords (from a list of about 250 keywords) reflecting the content of the publication. URLs of electronic publications are given as well.

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