Bibliša: Aligned Collection Search Tool




This tool is a web application for search of digital libraries of articles from bilingual e-journals in the form of TMX documents, as well as for development of new bilingual lexical resources based on this search. It is based on previously developed components for LeXimir (work station for lexical resources) and VebRanka (web query expansion tool) and uses various lexical resources: Wordnets, e-dictionaries and terminological tists. Bibliša can expand search queries both morphologically and semantically, as well as to another language, based on available resources. Prsently, it is implemented for the Serbian/English bilingual e-journal Infotheca and it uses Serbian morphological e-dictionaries, Serbian and English wordnets connected via the interlingual index, and a bilingual Dictionary of Librarianship. If the search results reveal a shortcoming in existing bilingual resources, an entry to the new bilingual resource is initiated.

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