Bulgarian Spell Checker Web Service




The development of web based applications assisting the work with Bulgarian texts is imposed, on the one hand, by the wider use of the Internet in everyday communications of various types (work, education, administration, media), and on the other hand, by the lack of modern web based linguistic applications (for Bulgarian).
The creation of modern web based linguistic applications (web services, web components and web applications) which offer a possibility for effective work with no respect to operation systems, text processing applications or browsers.
The Spell Checker is integrated as a web service – both the web service integration and the online spelling checking (as an illustration of the intergartion) are possible. The Spell Checker is based on the construction of a dictionary in a minimal acyclic deterministic automaton and offers replacement suggestions on the basis of Levenshtein automata.
WebEst allows the users to check and correct Bulgarian texts on the Internet. The Spell Checker web service can be used in different blogs, chat forums, online shops, media, and everywhere in the creation of Internet contents, so that it will assist the correct writing of Bulgarian texts.

The advantages of the web based linguistic applications can be summarized as follows: they are more accessible to use as they are not related to any operation system or web browser. The wider use of the Internet not only as an environment for communication but also as an operating environment, which includes text creation and editing, increases the importance of the project outcomes.

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