Bulgarian WordNet - web access




The Bulgarian WordNet is a network of lexical-semantic relations, an electronic thesaurus with a structure modelled on that of the Princeton WordNet and those constructed in the EuroWordNet and BalkaNet projects.

Wordnet service is an online service that gives the users access to a subset of the Bulgarian wordnet (BulNet), containing over 49,000 synonym sets (synsets), as of January 2013, and to the entire database of the Princeton Wordnet (PWN).

The system is RESTful webservice and supports two sorts of queries through http. 1. Search for objects where the query descriebed in the WordNet modal language returns a list of object identifiers for which it is true. 2. Search for information about objects and returns a list of data for:
Literal: identifier, word, lemma.
Synset: identifier, ili, POS, definition, stamp, bcs, language (identifier), frequency.
Note: identifier, text.
user: bulnet
pass: bulnet
The two sorts of queries support nonobligatory parameter (format) showing the type of the result. If the value of the format is json, the result is coded as json, otherwise it is not coded.

Users can search for synonyms, hypernyms, antonyms, and translation equivalents of different words and lemmas in the following language pairs: English-English, English-Bulgarian, Bulgarian-English, and Bulgarian-Bulgarian.

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