Croatian Valency Lexicon




The Croatian Valency Lexicon of Verbs, Version 2.0008 (CROVALLEX 2.0008) is an attempt of formal description of valency frames of Croatian verbs. CROVALLEX 2.0008 was developed as the part of the PhD thesis titled Approaches to the Development of the Machine Lexicon for Croatian Language written by Nives Mikelic Preradovic and supervised by Damir Boras at the Department of Information Sciences, Faculty of Humanistics and Social Sciences, Zagreb University.
The Functional Generative Description (FGD), being developed by Czech linguists Petr Sgall and his collaborators since the 1960s, is used as the background theory in CROVALLEX 2.0008. for the description of valency frames of selected verbs.
CROVALLEX 2.0008 contains roughly 1740 verbs. They were selected from the Croatian frequency dictionary, according to their number of occurrences.
The preparation of this version of CROVALLEX has taken around three years

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  • Headword list selected from Moguš, Milan ; Bratanić, Maja ; Tadić, Marko. Hrvatski čestotni rječnik (Croatian Frequency Dictionary), Zavod za lingvistiku Filozofskoga fakulteta Sveučilišta u Zagrebu - Školska knjiga, Zagreb, 1999.