Estonian Foreign Accent Corpus

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Estonian Foreign Accent Corpus includes speech recordings of non-native Estonian speech. Among speakers different first language backgrounds are represented: Russian (50 speakers), Finnish (30), Latvian (20), German (15), Lithuanian (13), French (13), Japanese (6), Swedish (6), Spanish (5), English (5), Italian (5), Hindi (3), Danish (2), Dutch (2), Slovak (2), Polish (1), Portuguese (1), Azerbaijani (1). For the reference material a subset of native Estonian speakers (10 male, 10 female) has been recorded, as well. The corpus includes some spontaneous speech (subject’s self-introduction and description of three pictures), 136 isolated sentences (including main phonological features of Estonian - all vowels and consonants in different quantity oppositions, palatalisation, etc), and two short passages; ca 25 minutes of speech per speaker.

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