Kildin Saami Corpus (UHLCS)

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Kiltinänsaamen korpus (UHLCS)


The corpus will be made available in (taito-shell user guide:

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The sub-directory /Books-of-Children/ will include the following text:

"Jesus Friend of Children" in Kildin Saami Language.
Arapovich, B. & Mattelmäki, V. (eds.).
ISBN 952-9790-31-7. 65 pp.
Institute for Bible Translation.
Stockholm & Helsinki 1995

The texts of the computer corpus of Kildin Sámi have been donated to
the University of Helsinki by the Institute for Bible Translation
(Stockholm, Sweden) to be used as research material. Reference
to the corpus has to be made in papers in which it is used
as a source.

The revised Unicode version is now the only official fulltext version of
this corpus. A scrambled version will be made available in in the near future.
See for more information.

The previous fulltext version(s) of this corpus can still be found in
/originals/ for reference. Thanks to Michael Rießler U Freiburg
( for the revision of the original.

The Kildin Saami Corpus is a part of the UHLCS corpus collection.

UHLCS has many different IPR holders. Should you have any questions regarding the collection, please contact Pirkko Suihkonen (

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