Lists of Bulgarian Multiword Expressions




The classification of multiword expressions (MWEs) developed by Baldwin et al. (Baldwin, T., C. Bannard, T. Tanaka, D. Widdows. An Empirical Model of Multiword Expression Decomposability. In: Proceedings of the ACL Workshop on Multiword Expressions: Analysis, Acquisition and Treatment. 2003) who distinguish between non-decomposable, idiosyncratically decomposable and simple decomposable MWEs is adopted. Further, we divide simple decomposable MWEs into 10 categories based on pragmatic factors – whether they are or contain a named entity (NE). Free collocations are free phrases (non-MWEs) which are statistically marked, i.e. appear with high frequency in a corpus, but are not linguistically marked. The lists of Multiword expressions are the result of automatic and semi-automatic tagging and classification of the corpus Wiki1000+ (13.4 million tokens): Non-decomposable - 700, Idiosyncratically decomposable - 3,156, Simple decomposable (NEs without connection between elements - 36,932, NEs with a meaningful element(s) - 11,248, Non-NEs with a vague connection between components - 1,46, NEs with meaningful components but connection difficult to restore - 1,086, NEs with descriptor and additional element - 18,962, Non-NEs with a NE as one of the components - 27,373, Non-NEs with a standard, easy to restore connection between components- 140,394, NEs with a standard, easy to restore connection between components - 16,653, Non-NEs with explicit connection between components - 1,468), “Free collocations” - 49,651, Free phrases- 1,197,762.

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