MLSS Tagger Web Service

The part of speech tagger for Maltese is based on TnT, the statistical part of speech tagger by Thorsten Brants ( It was modified for the Maltese Language Resource Server (MLRS) by Albert Gatt (Linguistics Department, University of Malta). The model for Maltese was trained on manually tagged texts and has reached an accuracy of 96%. Below is a list of the tags which are used, along with a description. The web service for the Maltese Language Software Services (MLSS) was provided by Andrew Attard.

The tagset list can be found here:

The service has two methods which can be invoked:
• String tagOneWordReturn(String text)
• String tagParagraphReturn(String text)

Both methods take a string as input, i.e., the text to be tagged, and return another string, i.e., the tagged text. The difference between the two is tagOneWordReturn returns the output as one word per line, while the other returns it as tagged paragraphs (if any paragraphs occur in the input string).

The format of the output is:

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