OmegaWiki is a wiki-based project. Its aim is to bring together information that is lexicological, terminological or thesaurus-like. The software is opensource and the data is free. The key idea of OmegaWiki is to be based around concepts (DefinedMeaning) rather than around words (Expression). This is what makes it truly multilingual.

Another advantage of OmegaWiki with regard to traditional wikis is that data is stored in a relational database. For a computer, this means that the data is easy to retrieve, analyze and reuse. For a human, it means that the pages showing definitions are not fixed in a given language, but can be easily generated dynamically in any language. If you set the interface to French, you see the definitions in French, but contribute to the same data as e.g. another contributor having the interface in English.

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OmegaWiki on ennen kaikkea monikielinen sanoja ja ilmaisuja käsittelevä tietolähde. Se ei ole tietosanakirja. Hankkeen tavoitteena on kerätä yhteen kaikki sanat kaikista maailman eri kielistä oman kirjoitusjärjestelmänsä mukaisessa asussa, vaikka kaikkia kieliä ei vielä olekaan mukana.

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