PANACEA English automatically acquired lexicon for ENV domain: Subcategorization Frames (V-SUBCAT)

English V-SUBCAT ENV acquired lexicon


This lexicon was produced using an inductive SCF classifier, the tpc_subcat_inductive webservice in the PANACEA project.

The lexicon was automatically produced from the PANACEA MCv2 crawled corpus, by parsing the data with the RASP parser (Third Release, Open-Source Version, February 2001, available from; see also E. Briscoe, J. Carroll, and R. Watson, 2006, The Second Release of the RASP System, in Proceedings of COLING/ACL Interactive Presentation Sessions), and then processing the parsed data with tpc_subcat_inductive.

Only verb lemmas with at least 200 instances in MCv2 were retained.

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