Polish Valence Dictionary




The Polish Valence Dictionary (Walenty) contains a description of argument structures of 1774 Polish verbs and quasi-verbal predicates. The entries are represented through a number of individual frames, each frame corresponding to a set of positions which may be filled by phrases of appropriate types and parameters. Individual positions may be marked for their status as a subject or a passivisable object, and for their role in control relations with other positions in the argument structure.

The Polish Valence Dictionary is an adaptation of the Syntactic Dictionary of Polish Verbs (Świdziński 1994) in a digitised version expanded by Witold Kieraś to include a number of frequent verbs missing from the original dictionary. In addition to expanding the number of frames, the presented resource includes information about new features, including sentential subjects, passivisation, control relations, semantic categories of adverbial phrases, and possibility of coordination of different types of arguments.

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  • Świdziński M. Syntactic Dictionary of Polish Verbs. Uniwersytet Warszawski / Universiteit van Amsterdam, 1994.