Serbian Morphological Dictionary (Multext-East)




Morphological electronic dictionary of Serbian (Ekavian pronunciation) (SrpMD) released in the scope of the EU-funded CESAR project is a version of morphological dictionary of Serbian used in the NooJ corpus processing system and consituting the part of the Serbian Nooj Module (see section 6.8). This version is compliant to MULTEXT-East morphosyntactic specification for Serbian ( (with one small deviation form it – see section 6.10). It comprises of 3,630,613 entries for 85,721 lemmas covering 11 PoS: nouns (646,867/40,425), adjectives (2,315,640/25,826), verbs (654,159/15,359), adverbs (3233), numerals(4,794/175), conjunctions (83), interjections (218), prepositions (169), pronouns (5,321/104), particles (103), abbreviations (26).

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