Slovene Web Corpus




Slovene Web Corpus (slWaC) is the the first version of the Slovene web corpus. It was collected by crawling the whole .si internet domain in 2011-06 yielding ca 380 million tokens. The corpus has been lemmatised and MSD-tagged automatically using ToTaLe system (Erjavec et al. 2005). The compilation of the corpus is described in the TSD2011 paper Ljubešić, N., Erjavec, T. hrWaC and slWac: Compiling Web Corpora for Croatian and Slovene. The morphosyntactically annotated and lemmatized corpus is distributed under the CC-BY-SA licence. The first version is freely accessible for querying at A new crawl with an updated crawler is scheduled for 2012-09. The target size of the second version of slWaC is 1 billion words.

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