The Corpus of Spoken and Written Akkala Saami


Akkala Saami belongs to the mainland subbranch of East-Saamic. Akkala Saami used to be spoken in the southwestern inland parts of the Kola Peninsula, but at present there are no speakers using the language in daily communication. Most linguistic sources as well as Saami people themselves describe Akkala Saami as an extinct language.

Akkala Saami has no standardized written form. However, Akkala Saami texts have occasionally been printed using either the Russian or Kildin Cyrillic alphabets or the Skolt Saami Latin alphabet with slight modifications. The latter is also used in the present corpus.

This corpus contains the complete text from Genetz' translation of the Gospel of Matthews into Akkala Saami (sections 23–28) as well as transcribed spoken recordings and songs.

Scrambled sentences from the corpus will be made available in Korp (

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